25 Ekim 2011 Salı

You cannot make yoghourt without using yoghourt

My dear friends, after a long break, we are together again. As you know,  I am usually trying to write about the things which are really important for me in that time. In this entry, abandonadly, I am going to write about a Turkish traditional side dish which name is ‘’Cacık’’.
Firstly,let’s look up at ‘’Cacık’’ as we know basically. We can say that ‘’Cacık’’ is normally contains of yoghourt, cucumber and olive oil. Yoghourt which is explored by chance, is already ‘’Turkish’’ food and consumes with it’s own name in most of country. And the ‘’Cacık’’ is made by watered yoghurt. Our sweety Greek friends who are make a habit of being a part of our traditional foods, even if the yoghourt seems as a Turkish food, they  want to share Cacik and see it as a common traditional food in Greece and Turkey.
Another specities of ‘’Cacık’’ is, somnific like the other products of yoghourt. It means that when you consume any of these kinds of products, you are feeling sleepy. The reason of that is, yoghourt is include lactic acid. And lactic acid makes you a sleepy.
There are too many recipes in internet and the recipes books  which are made with marrow, parsley, dill, garlic, carrot and ect. And if you make your ‘’Cacık’’ with carrot and lettuce instead of cucumber, It named as a ‘’Kış Cacığı’’ (Winter Yoghourt )
And by the way, ıt known in Europian as Zaziki*
As we can see, even though Cacık hasn’t got a really important cultural background, ıt becomes a really important part of our table like salad.
You can use it as a side dish in your traditional raki table or you can put on your dinner table instead of salad. It doesn’t matter.
 I think the point is ‘’Did you fall in love with food?’’
*Güzin Yalın, Mutfaktan, Tabaktan, Sokaktan yeme içme öyküleri